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A bit over a year ago, I saw an episode of Mythbusters, where the theory was that so long as your hand is wet and very cold, you could quickly dunk it in and out of molten lead.  This is called the "Leidenfrost Effect."  While it's a nifty party trick, practially speaking, it happens in a variety of other instances - metal smithing and cooking to name a few.


What's super-neat is that if you get the right temperatures (hot) and time the action just right, you can get a picture of the object completely encased in a bubble of water vapor. 


To explain the process, I put together this short video of the science and technique behind the process.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the experiment.  Click any of the pictures to check out the gallery of the rest of the pictures.

- Jon





A New Take on Primal

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Fire is globally understood.  Every culture on the planet uses it.  Aside from stone tools, fire was pretty much the first things to set us on the way to where we are now. 

I decided to sit on the patio and write this post.  As I look around me - just in my immediate vicinity - almost everything I can see has had fire or fabricated heat in it's past of future.  A fire hydrant, bricks, a glass ashtray, street lamps, a dumpster, my computer, my pen, a metal and glass wind chime.

Just as the majority of everyday products require fire at some point in their creation, everyone has a shared idea of what fire is.  If I asked you to think of fire and said words like color, temperature, mood, light, dark, safe... you would make a connection - a predetermined connection- about how those words are related to fire.

This project is intended to tilt that thinking.  Sure - if you didn't know what the pictures were of, you would look at them for a minute and probably figure it out, but the point is to move texture and design to the front and the preset ideas about the subject matter to the back. 

If fire can be cool and dark and without context - does it stay the same? 

- Jon

They make the world go round.

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Hey folks!  I started a new project!

A little over a year ago, I shot this picture of a dragonfly.  Actually - I got some notoriety and sold a copy at the Scarab Club in Detroit.  I was a pretty cool show - If you are unfamiliar with the Scarab Club, you should check the out:  http://www.scarabclub.org

But back to the project.

I have an affinity for animals large or small, but I also have a "disaffinity" for things that can bite or sting and inject me with poison.  That being said, I wanted this series to be a trial for me as well as visually interesting for you.  All these guys are alive.  Except for the spider.  But it wasn't my fault.  I didn't know spiders couldn't survive cold temperatures.... my bad. 

The rest of them, though, are just fine.  They spent a few minutes in the fridge to slow them down then were released after their photo shoot. 

The beetle was my favorite.  He reminded me of a dim-witted sidekick in a cartoon series.

If you would like to see the rest of the series or if you would like to pick up a print, check out the gallery here.  An be sure to check it occasionally - this is an ongoing project after all.

- Jon


Who's Ready for Summer

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In case you didn't notice, it's super-nice out (at least in Michigan).  That means it's time to get down on some "natural exploration."

My family has a cottage on Lake Huron - just near Port Austin, MI.   For a visual reference, have a gander over at that map.

Anywho - it's beautiful up there.  REALLY beautiful.  I've been lucky enough to have been a regular in the area since I was born. 

Now that it's summer and sunny again, it's time to rock out some scenic imagery.  Throughout my galleries is a heavy smattering of images from "The Thumb," but I'd like to share a choice selection with you. 

Last summer, I managed to get to Port Crescent State Park just before sunset.  In case you're in the area some evening, I highly recommend it.  Some of the best dunes on the East side of the state.  They're covered in tall grass that moves like waves when the wind hits it. 

A little side note that I'm extremely pleased about:  Port Crescent (along with a number of other state rec areas were recently classified as "Dark Sky Preserves."  This essentially means that homes and businesses in the surrounding area are required to keep exterior lighting to a minimum, thus reducing the light pollution in the area.  Check out the legislation details here.

But as I was saying - here's a collection of evening shots at Port Crescent from last summer.  Enjoy!



Welcome one and all.

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Well, folks, I suppose this should have been underway quite a while ago, but as things are - delays happened and so on.


But don't fret!  Jon K Artography is here and ready to spread the lowdown on some recent, current, and future endeavors.  In case you didn't guess, this is my blog.

My "Artogoraphy" is a compilation of projects and personal work.  As you peruse the categories in my gallery, I'm sure you'll see a trend toward nature, architecture and animals.  That last one is particularly significant.

I love animals. 

That brings us to my first-ever blog post.  My gal and I are regulars at the regional zoos.  As born and raised Detroiters, we frequent the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak fairly often.  If you are local or happen to be in the area (and have never been there)  you should really stop in.  (http://detroitzoo.org/) There are peacocks everywhere. 

We stopped over just last week and had a super-duper time.  Here's a highlight recap of some of our feathered and furry buddies.  For more animals - domestic, wild, and in-between, be sure to stop by "The Other Half." 

- Jon

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